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Instructions for Remotely Connecting to the VPN using Safari


  • Java Virtual Machine-If you do not have this on your machine, you may download it from here: www.java.com/getjava/
  • LSUMC-Master login and password (e.g. your email login and password)
  • Windows XP/2000, MacOS X, or Linux
  • A Web Browser


  • Step 1: From http://lib-sh.lsuhsc.edu/proxy.html click "Download the VPN Software Now".

  • Step 2: Enter your LSU Master Email Account username and password and click "Sign In".

  • Step 3: A new webpage will appear that says "Welcome to the LSUHSC-Shreveport Secure Access SSL VPN," and your username. On this webpage, scroll down to the bottom and click "Start" which should be to the right of the words "Network Connect."

  • Step 4: The first time you use the SSL VPN, it will download and install a small VPN client on your computer. Click "Trust" on the dialog box that appears to continue connecting to the VPN. The next time you use the SSL VPN from the same computer, the process will go much more quickly since you won't have to install anything.

  • Step 5: When you have successfully logged on via the SSL VPN software, a dialog box titled "Network Connect" will appear in the center of your screen. Minimize this dialog box and an icon resembling a lock will appear in the loading dock area of your screen.

  • Step 6: You are now connected using the SSL VPN. You do not need to keep the web browser open for the SSL VPN to continue to function. You can access our resources as you would normally by going to the library's webpage. When you are finished using the SSL VPN, you may sign out by clicking the lock icon in the loading dock and choosing "Sign Out" from the dialog box.