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Library Faculty Active at Chapter Meeting

Library faculty were active at the annual meeting of the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association, held in Oklahoma City, October 11-16, 2019.

Assistant Director Montie’ Dobbins, the immediate past president of the chapter, co-facilitated a round table on how libraries can serve first responders. Ms. Dobbins also began a term as the President-Elect of the Hospital Library Interest Section of the chapter.

Librarian David Duggar completed his term as Secretary of the Hospital Library Interest Section. Mr. Duggar also attended a special symposium for health sciences libraries doing outreach in their communities.

Associate Director Julia Esparza, on behalf of several Library staff, presented a poster about the Library’s recent relocation of the institutional archives. Ms. Esparza, who is the current President of the Medical Library Association, delivered the association update during the chapter business meeting. Ms. Esparza, who was named Librarian of the Year at last year’s chapter meeting, also presented that award to this year’s recipient.

Executive Director Will Olmstadt presented a lightning talk about outsourcing the Library’s writing consultant service. Mr. Olmstadt also began his term on the program committee for the chapter meeting in Houston in October 2020.