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Library Facts and Figures 2014-2015

Collection Statistics

Print volumes 165,033
Journals currently received (Print Only) 3
Journals currently received (Electronic Only) 4,654
Journals currently received in both formats (Print & Electronic) 2
Book Titles (Print) 21,245
Book Titles (Electronic) 1,485
Databases 151

Circulation Statistics

Gate Count 88,269
Number of checkouts (study room keys, Reserve, and circulating collection) 4,935

Interlibrary Loan Statistics

ILL items filled for our users 515
ILL requests filled for other libraries 806

Reference Statistics

Number of reference questions 2,634


Service to Clinicians

Number of times Library Faculty attended  
Internal Medicine Morning Report 168
Pediatrics Morning Conference 26

Psychiatry Resident Supervision Conference


Writing Consultant Statistics

Number of Writing Consultant Requests



Liaison Statistics

Number of Liaison Departments 33

Education Statistics

Number of Education Sessions 149
Number of individualized instruction sessions


Number of attendees

Detailed Education Statistics

Summary Education and Outreach Statistics

Detailed Outreach Statistics


Square Footage 39,000 sq.ft.
Total user seating 313
Number of small group teaching rooms 5
Number of small study rooms 14
Number of individual carrels 61
Number of public workstations 60
Number of computer labs 2
Number of seats in computer labs 49
Number of people using labs in 2014/2015 3,260
Number of seats in teleconference room 23
Number of photocopiers 5
Number of flatbed scanners 4
Number of public printers 2

Usage of Websites Maintained by the Library

Library home page visits 759,767
Chronological History of the Health Sciences Center website visits 106,309
healthelinks visits* 47,274
LibGuides/subject guides visits 41,323
John C. McDonald, MD website visits 1,820
Captain Fit web comic visits** 1,019
Total website traffic 975,512

* Data only available from September 2014-June 2015 following a server migration 
** Comic web page data are from April-June 2015