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What is a podcast?

What is an RSS reader?

List of Podcasts

Health Sciences Specialists, Practitioners, and Researchers

Academic Journals

Health Sciences Libraries

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are programs that you can download to your computer or your personal media player and listen to at your own convenience. It is similar to a radio show that you can download and listen to whenever you want. However, the difference between a normal audio file (radio show) and a podcast (audio/video show) is that you can subscribe to the podcast and it will automatically download to your computer whenever a new episode of a particular show is released.

What is an RSS reader?

RSS is an XML format that stands for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary." An RSS reader (sometimes called 'feed reader') is needed to view RSS feeds and Podcasts. RSS readers allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds much like web browsers allow you to view web pages. The RSS reader will automatically update on a regular schedule and display the new articles from the feeds you have supplied to the reader. Most RSS readers are free and will notify you when a new item has appeared from one of your feeds.

List of Podcasts

Health Sciences Specialists, Practitioners, and Researchers

AccessMedicine.com contains weekly podcasts which provide students, residents, clinicians, and researchers with instant answers to clinical questions. (You must be on campus or have access to the VPN to have LSUHSC-S privileges.)

Brain Science Podcast
Hosted by Dr. Ginger Campbell, experienced emergency physician with a long-standing interest in mind-body medicine, the brain, and consciousness. She shares recent discoveries from the world of neuroscience in a way that people of all backgrounds can enjoy.

CDC Podcasts
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides users with credible, reliable health information.

DAVE Project (Digital Atlas of Video Education)
The DAVE Project is a collection of teaching tools in a digital video format for medical professionals. The project consists of a gastrointestinal endoscopy video atlas and medical lectures and presentations.

Health Literacy Out Loud
Helen Osborne is an occupational therapist, educator, patient and now as a health literacy consultant, she is working to make a difference. Health Literacy Out Loud (HLOL) podcasts are a lot like radio shows. You can listen in as Helen Osborne interviews those in-the-know about health literacy. You will hear why health literacy matters and learn practical ways to help. HLOL #16, May 2009, features Terry C. Davis, PhD, of LSUHSC-S, talking about helping patients take "baby steps" (action planning).

Healthcare 411
The U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Healthcare 411 audio news source provides practical health care information, research findings, and data to help consumers, health providers, health insurers, researchers, and policymakers make informed decisions about health care issues.

Heart Sounds and Murmurs (Texas Heart Institute)
This series presents auscultation of various heart sounds as they relate to the anatomy, physiology, and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. The podcasts are developed for physicians, medical residents, nurses, and other clinicians who wish to improve auscultation skills. Use headphones for best audio quality.

Johns Hopkins
Lively discussions of the week's medical news and how it may affect you. This five to seven-minute free program features Rick Lange, M.D., chief of clinical cardiology, and Elizabeth Tracey, director of the Hopkins Health NewsFeed, a radio news service program.

Mayo Clinic
Interviews with Mayo Clinic specialists.

MedPod 101.com
Designed by chic doctors for the busy medical student looking to enrich her clinical acumen, we know how to squeeze the most important facts into your day.

Merck Manual of Patient Symptoms
Weekly podcasts of various patient symptoms.

National Institutes of Health
Podcasts from the Office of the Director: NIH Research Radio as well as podcasts from NIH institutes and NIH Centers.

The Nursing Show
Nurses and nursing students have busy schedules and the Nursing Show is the perfect way to keep up on new techniques, research studies, and news related to the nursing world.

SoundPractice.net provides audio shows which focus on the practice management needs of physicians and office executive staff. The audio shows provide the practice management community with the ability to tap into the editorial content of The Journal of Medical Practice Management through audio feeds and online commentary.

Academic Journals

American Journal of Nursing

American Journal of Psychiatry

Annals of Internal Medicine

JAMA Audio Commentary
Catherine D. DeAngelis, MD, MPH, Editor in Chief of JAMA, summarizes and comments on the week's issue.

Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

The Journal of Immunology ImmunoCasts

The Lancet
Listen to The Lancet's weekly and monthly podcasts for author interviews and expert discussions on clinical practice, evidence, and campaigns.

Each week Nature publishes a free audio show with highlighted content from the week's edition including interviews with the people behind the science, and in-depth commentary and analysis from journalists covering science around the world.

New England Journal of Medicine
New England Journal of Medicine provides weekly audio summaries of its content.

Science's weekly podcast takes you on a tour of some interesting stories in the journal and on its sister sites.

Health Sciences Libraries

Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library (Columbia University)
The HSL Podcast Series is a semi-monthly conversation about the library, the CUMC community, and Columbia University and CUMC resources

Claude Moore Health Sciences Library (University of Virginia)
Podcasts of the annual History of the Health Sciences Lecture Series with speakers and topics selected to promote a greater understanding of the historical and philosophical underpinnings of todays health care disciplines.

Health Sciences Library and Biocommunications Center (University of Tennessee)
Library audio and video podcasts that summarize highlights of library workshops and orientations that students can view in about 5 minutes or less. Podcasts include information on health information resources, database search strategies, literature and resource guides, Internet safety tips, general orientation to the library, and more.

National Library of Medicine
MedlinePlus proudly presents a weekly update by Donald A.B. Lindberg, M.D., Director of the National Library of Medicine, highlighting health news and accompanying information from MedlinePlus.

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