Library Poetry Contest

Poet: Connie Strather Ellison, Certified Ophthalmic Assistant

Walk The Red Carpet

Brace yourself but not too tight
Open your eyes and receive new sight.
Adventures abroad, flowing with time.
Enjoy the treasures invading your mind.

Float on a cloud as you visit and tarry
In the land of excitement we call the library.
Filled with the past fore ran for today
Trekking toward the future ,showing the way.

Visit a country while staying in place
A virtual tour.... with comfort and grace
Be it by mobile, web or the book
Your journey is endless with one simple look.

A place of education, a place to be seen
A place for the wanting to be a king or a queen.
Libraries are designed for the student in need
In need of some info for the student to read.

We all are students,receiving education.
To some for a class,for some a vacation
For some an escape to cherish and love
To soar to new heights and look from above.

Libraries are pillars of treasures unknown
Like fields of wildflowers and seeds to be sown.
Set your path as you visit next time
Your local library and enhance your mind.